• October 12, 2014

Finger jam

After the birth of my wee boy I decided that it would be a good idea to get my gear out of the house.So I decided to move it to a studio close by.

The only thing was I had so much stuff and didn’t have a really good way of setting it up. In the house the gear was set up on a couple of Ikea units, which worked a treat.

After searching the internet I decided to look for the Jespers 5 tier A-Frame stand. I found one originally on eBay and in fact bought it at a bargain price of £130. After buying it the dude (a fellow scotsman) said he was having difficulty sending it down to London. I have no idea what courier companies he was trying but after about 3 weeks he told me that no company would take it. “Complete Pish” I thought. Actually this was most likely an excuse for being a lazy shite.

Nonetheless I managed to get my money back from the dude and bought a new stand from Thomann.

As you can see in the video I managed to get all of my current gear set up and this was the first jam session.

The gear used during the jam was the Roland Aira TB3, TR8, System 1, Roland JD800 and the Access Virus TI2 Polar. Everything was sync’d using the ERM MIDI clock which I highly recommend.

I will post a copy of the review I did or the ERM Midi Clock a bit later.

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